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Love stories

Love stories are usually about two people who meet, date, and date again after an incomprehension, a mistake, an incident of some sort, has divided them for a while. I have consumed many love stories. And although I'm not particularly romantic, and although I never looked for a partner, I must admit that I liked them. I was about to write "at least because they're the perfect entertainment for the days I'm tired, physically or mentally, sick, or in which I simply need to not think about anything." Bullshit. I just like them, love stories please a side of my personality I often feel ashamed of. Lately, however, I have started being attracted by a different kind of love story. Those of two people who are in love and live their life together. To the drama and the insecurities  of falling in love, I find more interesting those of cohabitation. What has changed? The fact that there is now someone whose presence and voce, whose name alone, make me smile. And I s

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