Minimalist (-ish)

The endless hours spent watching minimalist videos on YouTube (minimalist fashion, interior design, traveling, at each is own) taught me a couple of things. The first is that I am no minimalist, nor I’d like to be. This doesn’t mean I am a maximalist either. Even if I enjoy the minimalist aesthetic in those videos, the truth is that I dream of a place for myself where I could be surrounded by all the things that make me feel good and inspired: photos, books, art, maybe a few plants (I’m taking care of my first little plant, so I don’t want to make promises I may not be able to maintain). I love keeping physical memories of the places I have been or from specific moments in my life. So no, I’ll probably never be able to have a clean and pristine home. But there are other, more useful things, that I have realized in the last few months.

1. Decluttering
Decluttering is such a cliché right now, I feel. And no, I’m sorry, I have not read Marie Kondo yet so my life has not change, yet. Still, when I came back from the UK (another story for another time) to my childhood bedroom (another another story) I felt… oppressed I guess is the right word. I felt oppressed by all the stuff that have been accumulating here for the past 25 years. So I started taking everything out and deciding what stays and what goes. It’s a process not yet finished, since I have a master thesis to concentrate on, but it’s going.

2. Intentional buying
But it is not only just a matter of getting rid of useless objects. It is also thinking a little longer before buying something (which is also more ethical, just saying). Generally I’m not a compulsive buyer, nor I go shopping every other day. Still, I realized that when I often go shopping is because I’m either bored or I need a distraction. This is something that I’ve done quite awhile in the UK. And I often end up with clothes that are not right, for one reason or another. I don’t want to spend that money anymore, and I don’t want to have ton of stuff I do not really like cluttering my space (and mind). 

3. Taking care
Taking care is something I am not that good at. I always start organizing my wardrobe, my stationery, my make up (not that I have a lot of that, I must say), and always, always I end up with a mess. I use something, and then I am too tired or I don’t have time or whatever reason, so I don’t put it back in the right way. You know what? If you do not cram all your shit together, they tend to last longer. I know, mind blowing. 

Does all this have anything to do with me writing on this blog again? Maybe, maybe not. I just wanted to do it. But it has to do with the fact that I changed the aesthetic of it, and that you cannot see all my old posts. I haven’t delete them all, I just made them private. If and when I feel like it, I may go through them and decide to republish something. For now, I'll enjoy this white(-ish) and empty space, as the minimalist I am not.


  1. Keep writing <3 I used to love reading your blog!! X

    1. Thank you. I'll see where this will bring me. For sure, I missed my blog, but also those I used to read, as yours.


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